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Appeasement is the name given to the French and British policies during the 1930s intended to avert war by making concessions to Germany, Japan, and Italy on matters generally to be of substantial, if not vital, interest to the powers making the concessions. Usually used in a pejorative sense, appeasement nevertheless
Moreover, the policy of appeasement put too much trust in Hitler's promises. An example of this is the Sudetenland, an area of Czechoslovakia that contained over 3.5 million Germans. Hitler believed Germany therefore had a right over this particular area of Czechoslovakia and set his sights on it in 1938. However, Britain
After this indication that a war is imminent, appeasement cannot be the right policy. Nonetheless, appeasement may have been the correct policy with some of Hitler's actions, such as the remilitarisation of the Rhineland. Rhineland was an industrial area with the majority of Germany's industry. It was also used as a buffer
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France and England should not have practiced Appeasement during the 1930's. As Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy launched themselves into increasingly aggressive military and foreign policies during the mid-1930s, the other Western nations hoped to avert a crisis by negotiating with these countries. The policy of
Hypothesis #1. After reading documents A and B, create a hypothesis regarding the questions: Was appeasement the right policy for England in 1938? Cite evi.
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Is Appeasement Right or Wrong. In Britain, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had devised a policy of "appeasement" (meaning his tactic of consenting to Hitler's demands over Czechoslovakia in 1938) it aroused much controversy at the time and still does today. Germany benefited greatly from the appeasement as it
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